First Home Owners

March 31, 2019

First Home Owners’ Grant New South Wales

Designed to give prospective homeowners a boost, government grants for first home buyers can enable individuals to save thousands on […]
March 31, 2019

First Home Owners’ Grant Tasmania

Tasmania's First Home Owners Grant is a great form of financial support for new home owners. Be sure to read […]
March 31, 2019

First Home Owners’ Grant Australian Capital Territory

If you're a first-time buyer considering a property purchase in ACT, this guide is for you! Read on to find […]
November 14, 2018

Buying a first home vs investment property

If you’ve been busy saving for a deposit, you might be wondering about the pros and cons of buying a […]
July 31, 2016

Why should you be building a brand-new home?

Deciding to build your own home can be daunting to some people, but it’s a brilliant opportunity to stamp your […]
April 29, 2016

How popular is building your own home?

There are a number of ways that people personalise their properties – landscaping, decorating the exterior and interior or even […]
April 15, 2016

What might a house and land package do for your lifestyle?

We think there are a number of advantages to buying and building your own home, and the house and land packages […]
July 13, 2015

4 tips for a successful walk-through inspection

Over the course of building a new home, your property will be subject to many formal inspections to verify that […]
July 10, 2015

The Whole Package – House and Land Packages

Building a new home should be one of the most exciting times in your life, but without the proper planning […]
January 23, 2012

New home floor plans for space and flexibility

When your dream of building a new home starts to take shape, it’s usually the floor plan that is scribbled […]
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