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September 9, 2015

How to project utility costs for your new home

Beyond building a new home to suit your budget, you need to think about the costs once you move in […]
September 9, 2015

The do’s and don’ts of designing a child-friendly bedroom

Building a new home is exciting for the whole family. While mum and dad will undoubtedly love our open-plan kitchen […]
September 9, 2015

7 things to know before buying property on the water

Starting the day with a gorgeous view of the ocean, relaxing in the evening to the gentle crash of the […]
September 9, 2015

What the Internet of Things can do for your new home

From initial floor plans to the finishing touches with carefully selected paint palettes, designing your own home gives you the […]
September 9, 2015

4 things every good home gym needs

One of the best parts of building a new home is customising it to suit your lifestyle and hobbies. Painters, […]
September 9, 2015

Display homes to inspire your house-building dreams

With big decisions like building your own home, you certainly want to ‘try before you buy’ as much as possible. […]
September 9, 2015

Choosing the right staircase for your home

Your staircase can be anything from an iconic focal point of your living space to a modest, simple passageway. The […]
September 9, 2015

8 tips for an unforgettable housewarming party

Once you’ve received the keys to your new home and moved in the furniture, there’s only one thing left to […]
September 9, 2015

3 things to consider when designing your garage

When building a new home, it’s easy for people to concentrate their design efforts on the kitchen, living room and […]
August 29, 2015

How Australia’s growing population is impacting the real estate market

Over the last few years, it’s been impossible not to notice the rising house prices across Australia. While the extended […]
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